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How To Learn Spanish Online - It's Easier than You Think

Many people fear learning a new language. They have heard that learning to speak Spanish is difficult and assume it will take too much time and effort. At, we believe that you can learn Spanish in 50 days. Don't spend another minute wondering how to learn Spanish. Sign up for our free Spanish course today and see just how easy learning another language can be. We're sure you'll agree that is the best way to learn Spanish online.

Imagine yourself walking the busy streets in Mexico or Spain. People are speaking Spanish all around you and you understand what they are saying. Shopping, talking with store owners, ordering food in a local café, you can do it all, all in Spanish. With the Spanish for beginners taught in our user-friendly courses here at, this dream can quickly become a reality. Being able to speak Spanish isn't going to take years; all you need is 50 days and you will be on your way to fluent Spanish.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish - Build a Foundation of Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary are the building blocks of language learning. Once you possess a basic Spanish vocabulary you can use grammatical principles to create complex sentences and to describe thoughts, feelings and occurrences. Our Spanish for beginners 50 day course is grammar and vocabulary intensive allowing you to master the basics quickly. After you sign up for our Spanish language learning program you will receive exclusive access to a variety of training tools including games, flashcards and daily video lessons. We make it easy and fun to learn Spanish.

Our students know how to learn Spanish quickly and easily. They understand the basic principles behind the Spanish language and build their skills one day at a time. Our free 50 day Spanish course consists of 50 daily grammar and vocabulary lessons that guide you through Spanish learning step by step. Each day you will log in to, watch a short video lesson by a native Spanish speaker, master the day's vocabulary in our innovative Flashcard Blitz program and practice the day's skills in our Grammar Training Lab. If you have a few minutes to spare and a desire to learn Spanish, we invite you to try the best way to learn Spanish today for free.

Learning Spanish for Beginners Can Be Fun

We don't just teach you Spanish here at; we make learning a new language fun. Our site is packed with everything you need for successful and interesting Spanish learning. Our video lessons are short and easy to understand. Our Flashcard Blitz program saves you the hassle of creating and practicing with flashcards on your own. The Grammar Training Lab helps you to master the concepts learned each day in a fun, interactive way. When you finish your daily exercises try one of our exciting games, tackle a crossword puzzle or take a practice quiz. Each game and activity was specially planned and created with you, our learner, in mind. We don't want to spend hours practicing Spanish in a boring classroom environment and we don't expect you to either. We show you how to learn Spanish while having fun.

Sign Up Today and Get Started with the Best Way to Learn Spanish Online

Stop thinking about learning a language and take action today. If you have a Facebook account, our 50 day Spanish for beginners course is free. What are you waiting for? In just 20 days you will be able to express yourself in the present tense. In 33 days, just over a month, you will be at an intermediate level and able to converse in Spanish in past, present and future tense. And in 50 days you will have learned 2 years' worth of college level Spanish. After you master the basics you will be ready to move on to our audio conversation-based course Simply Fluent where you will build on your grammar and vocabulary foundation as you become a Spanish master. If you want to know how to learn Spanish, the answer is simple: sign up today and get started at Learn More